Book 1 of the True Encounters series

Tribute To Og
Memories of a Future LifeMate

True Encounters Book 1: Tribute To OgOn a warm spring night near the waters of Puget Sound, a single woman in her late forties falls asleep in her bed, only to ‘wake’ into a future lifetime in the body of an early-twenties blond artist living in Washington, D.C.

As a graphic arts designer in the capitol city, she enters an art contest which sets her on a path that radically changes her quiet, simple life.

For many years the Earth has been under the watchful eye and control of the ‘Others’, whose hovering space ships monitor the activities of every nations’ capitol around the world. Cleaning up the planet’s environment is their main objective, and they have banned all wars and acts of aggression. The planet is peaceful and getting healthier, but one of their hybrids disagrees with their overbearing control on humans, and escapes from a disabled space craft amidst a showery display of sparks and fighting.

The young artist and male hybrid meet during his daring escape, and during the next twenty years they live, travel and have two children, while constantly evading his ‘would be’ captors. A tragic scene startles the dreamer awake and brings her abruptly back into current time, whereupon her life’s course is altered forever.

This book is the true story of a lucid dream the author experienced in 1986.

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“Sayward Ayre’s short story grabbed my attention from page one. It is beautifully written and a captivating plot. Dreams are a portal for timeless experiences and creative flow and she is clearly embracing the power of it.”


“I really enjoyed this book. It gave a lot to think about. Whether it is a true dream of the future or not, only time will tell. My experience with dreams is that they can affect your choices in life, usually for the better. Looking forward to your future books.”


“Wonderful reading, well written, and left me wanting to read more. A true delight to read that presented our future dilemma.”


“TRIBUTE TO OG is entertaining and beautifully written. This intriguing account of the author’s dream flows comfortably toward her conclusion that we may live in a subtle blending of present and future.”


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