Book 2 of the True Encounters series

The Brilliant Beyond
Do Lucid Dreams Prove Eternal Life?

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real that when you woke you thought you had returned to a dream and left reality behind?

The Brilliant Beyond recounts many of the author’s most startlingly lucid dreams. For each dream, she examines what may have influenced it, then relays the dream itself, and finishes by observing how the experience affected her. The dreams range from her spirit’s descent toward planet Earth to become born into this life, to a journey back in time to the Greek Parthenon when witches plotted to overthrow the government, and forward in time to traveling in a space craft to Mars, to ‘beam-me-up-Scotty’ teleportation travel and small flying cars, to militarized control in the United States with white ‘Star Wars’ border patrol robots using laser drones.

What do these ‘real as life’ dreams indicate? Are they merely a fantasy, a trick of an overactive, imaginative brain? Or is consciousness truly traveling to other realities in space and time? The Brilliant Beyond examines the author’s dreams to determine whether the free-ranging, time and space-busting, night-time sojourns of consciousness might prove that consciousness goes on living after the body dies.

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“Sayward Ayre swept me along with her vivid dreams while raising intriguing ideas about consciousness, and the possibilities of our foretelling future, time traveling, having existed in previous lifetimes, and astral travel. These are moving accounts of meaningful experiences and sage wisdom.”                                                              

                                                                          – Barbara Lamb, M.S., MFT, CHT and Regression Therapist,

                                                                    co-author of Alien Experiences and Crop Circles Revealed

“Sayward’s book, The Brilliant Beyond, not only reveals a profound and fascinating dream life, but is an inspiration for the rest of us to share our lucid dreams. We all need to come out of the closet with these special experiences, like she has. Thank you, Sayward!”

– Cyndy Sheldon, MSW

                                                                    Author of Gestault as a Way of Life: Awareness Practices


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