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Adventures Hiking the John Muir Trail

Hiking the John Muir Trail


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Originally this book was posted as a blog, but over time I’ve decided to turn my long adventure blogs into e-books. Here are some of the comments this adventure received while it was up as a blog.  Enjoy ~ Sayward


Virginia says:

Hi Sayward!

The JMT has been your best adventure yet! I looked forward to all the installments and felt (in my mind, not my body, thank heavens) that I was right there hiking along with you. I was soooo thrilled to hear of another very spirited Virginia having adventures on the trail (there aren’t too many of us Virginia’s around these days…it is usually a name from an earlier generation). At the end of your story I felt connected to all the people who you hiked with because I have hiked with you. What an amazing group of people hikers are! What a visionary John Muir was to recognize and help preserve lands where our generation and those that follow will continue to experience wilderness.

I’m glad to hear that your RV and possessions are safe from the fires. I have been thinking about you when I hear news of the fires and wondered what arrangements you had made to ensure their safety while you were gone.

As I read the final words of your adventure I remembered an earlier wish of mine to visit Yosemite in the winter. Perhaps this winter will be the year I fulfill that wish.

Jackets says:

Say, you are aMAzing!!! Your photos gave me shivers, knowing that all these industrious little turtles (people carrying their houses on their backs!) could trudge their way up and down over such long distances and huge elevation changes! Congratulations! And what a lovely collection of people you met along the way!

Jane says:

Congrats on the summit and getting back down in one piece! You are truly amazing!

Julie says:

Love, love, love reading about your adventure! Wonderful photo’s-impossible for me to pick a favorite though I think the one of Jim at Rae Lake in the early morning with the sun just hitting the peaks and the reflection is just magnificent. The dark and early light, awesome. Keep enjoying life-and thanks for sharing! Love you! JB

Elizabeth says:

Say, I’m so glad you figured out how to post more photos! And how on earth did you keep your shirt so white while camping?!?! 😉 We just came back from only 4 days out and I practically have to burn my clothes…! Can’t wait for your next post.

Sharen says:

What a beautiful area of the country, I so enjoy the pictures!

Jane says:

It is all glorious. It must be heaven on earth to see some of those sights. The mountains , the clear lakes-even the wildflowers invite you in! Enjoy the remainder and stay safe.

Sophia says:

Absolutely beautiful! What a wonder nature is! Thanks for sharing, Say! much love!

Will says:

Some of the most amazing photos I’ve seen around, from those who’ve hiked JMT. Really enjoyed your story, too, of course. You sure do have the right focus on what life is all about – good for you!

Jill says:

Gorgeous views and you are courageous…..and just enough “crazy” to do this kind of backpacking. Love it.

Pam says:

Hi Sayward,
Always enjoy your blogs. This one about the John Muir Trail brings back wonderful memories when we did it about 8 years ago. Incredible and one to repeat. Next year we do the Peru trip. Thank you for sharing!!!

Sharen says:

Wow, very impressive….pictures are beautiful. Can’t wait for the next batch! Happy hiking!

Jane says:

What an adventure! The pictures are beautiful,
and I’ve enjoyed tagging along with you from my computer. Looking forward to the next batch. Stay safe!

Sophia says:

What a beautiful journey, Say! Thanks for sharing. I got very homesick looking at these pictures…made me think of my dad who loved John Muir and these mountains. I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley and going to the Sierras in the summers. So beautiful and so sad….all the fires. Blessings to you on your journey…stay safe…and warm! much love, Sophia

Ken says:

Awesome! I know some of those areas – Thousand Island Lake is amazing… I haven’t heard or seen a loon since I was a kid living in the Adirondacks…