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Sayward Ayre, Author

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Sayward Ayre has been an archaeologist, an environmental activist, and a renewable energy promoter. She was also a Health Retreat Director and massage therapist for ten years in Palm Springs, CA. She now writes and hikes.

Short Bio:

Sayward Ayre has been an archaeologist, an environmental activist, and a renewable energy promoter. She was also a Health Retreat Director and massage therapist for ten years. She earned a Masters in Environmental Studies degree and held positions in State, County and City governments. Her first four books in the True Encounters series include Aliens at My Fingertips! Real Meetings with Strange Beings which shares her three face-to-face contact experiences. Learn more at Contact info:

Medium Bio:

Sayward Ayre has been an archaeologist, an environmental activist, and a renewable energy promoter. She was also a Health Retreat Director and massage therapist for ten years. She earned a Masters in Environmental Studies degree and held positions in State, County and City governments. She also holds a BA in Anthropology/Archaeology. Ayre enjoys many outdoor activities, including scuba diving, sailing, and flying. She has traveled many foreign countries and hiked dozens of wilderness trails. From 1999 to 2009, she and her beloved dog, Brandon, shared incredible adventures as they traveled north and south in an RV, following summer up and down the Pacific Coast. Future books of those adventures and others will be available soon. Learn more at Contact info:

Long Bio:

Sayward Ayre was delivered by her non-doctor Father to her trusting Mom in a tiny log cabin in Alaska’s wilderness. Her Father was a bush-pilot and Jack-of-All-Trades (required credentials for living in Alaska) and her amazing Mom heated water on a bonfire in 10 gallon gasoline cans for the wringer-washing machine after she had hand-pumped it from the well. When Sayward was 8, her family left Alaska – there were easier places to live – and after a one year stint in New Hampshire, the family returned to the west coast to take up residence in Northern California. In her pre-teens, Ayre attended 4-H sewing classes, rode her neighbor’s horses, and grimaced out the window at the cattle branding events where the cowboys chewed the freshly culled “rocky mountain oysters.” She loved art, reading, and anything outdoors. As she grew older she enjoyed basketball, softball and gymnastics. Older still, she turned to traveling, supporting her sightseeing with waitress and bartending jobs along the way. At 22, she spent nine months with a backpack journeying from Europe to Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and back to Europe before returning home and starting college. Her first degree-goal was Education but she found herself disagreeing with what was being taught, and switched to Sociology. She was dismayed with that also, and slipped into natural clay and fibers work, which she loved. From there she moved on to Journalism (how yellow can it get!) and ended up in Anthropology/Archaeology. After a brief marriage and gaining her Scuba Diving certification, she jumped into working in Archaeology in Ecuador, Jamaica, across the great Southwest of the United States, Australia, Thailand and Hawaii before realizing that even Archaeology can be quite ‘yellow’. She returned to New England to visit her divorced Mom and took a position as Chairperson for a local Conservation Commission. Over the four years she chaired the commission, her team laid the groundwork for a bike path between two towns, inventoried and developed guidelines for the region’s natural resources, and defined goals and objectives for the area’s environmental future. The Town of Hartford then employed her to write their ten-year Town Master Plan and five-year Capital Improvements Program. She also volunteered for local trail building with the Montshire Museum, was a member of the League of Women Voters Natural Resource Committee, and was elected as an Executive Member to the local Sierra Club. Any spare time went to her 100% made in the USA cotton canvas tote bag business – “For the Earth Bags” – which were sold in local food co-ops and to stores across the country. Ayre received a Ham Radio Operator license and a Private Pilot License in New England before returning to the Pacific Northwest in 1993, where she entered the Masters of Environmental Studies program at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. She then was employed by the Washington State Energy Office as a Resource Specialist, and by the Thurston County Lakes Program as a Scientific Diver. A dismal dreary winter with not one peep of sun for four months caused Ayre to sell her home, buy an RV and proceed to share ten years of adventure with her dog, Brandon, on the road chasing the sun, during which time she became a Certified Massage Therapist and the Retreat Director of her business, Juice Fast For Health. Ayre is now writing her life experiences, with the first batch of books being about the strange and paranormal events that have happened to her, as shared in the True Encounters series. She has been a guest speaker in the Northwest for numerous paranormal groups and has been interviewed on Internet talk radio shows.

6 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I won a baby duckling in a Spelling Bee in the fifth grade for spelling ‘squirrel’ correctly, and named her ‘Honey’ for her yellow color. When she and her drake were grown (I was about eleven), I watched with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes as they flew off together. Thankfully, when they were so far away they could barely be seen, they circled around, flew back and landed down by the duck pond again. What a relief!! It was a huge lesson for me in learning about letting go of the ones you love, and if you’re lucky and they love you enough, they’ll come back.
  2.  While scuba diving in a class one time to 40 feet at a high elevation lake, we were challenged to work on a mathematical problem while floating stationary underwater. It was amazing to recognize that my cognitive abilities were completely zapped with nitrogen narcosis (due to the lake’s high elevation) and no matter how I tried to fathom the numbers, nothing computed. Talk about a ‘natural high’ – Nitrogen narcosis is it!
  3.  I fibbed to my Mom when I was young one time in order to be able to ride my bike with my girlfriends over to a fellow student’s farmhouse – we were all smitten with him and his older brother. My Mom didn’t want to me ride my bike on the busy two-lane road that we needed to take to get to his house, so I told her I wouldn’t. But I did. We were gone too long, Mom became worried and called the mother of one of my girlfriends to learn where we were. When I got home I was grounded for two weeks. Mom stated in the car on the way to school the next morning, “How will I ever trust you again?” I was only twelve. To think of her never trusting me for the rest of my entire life was incomprehensible. I made an immediate decision to never lie again, and gave her my promise. It was the best lesson for the best decision I ever made. A person is only as good as their word and trust is the highest honor one can attain..
  4. While hiking the John Muir Trail in July 2013, I unknowingly pitched my tent on a coyote trail to a nearby lake. About 2 a.m. a series of angry, frustrated barks from what sounded like a young coyote were emitted probably less than 50 feet from my tent. I listened to the feeling in the coyote’s barks, analyzed it from my experiences with my own dog, and then spoke softly and firmly to him, saying “Go around to the other side of the lake, you can get your drink over there where nobody’s camped.” He gave one final “huff-huff” and went quiet. About five minutes later I heard his little bark on the far side of the small lake. In the morning the nearby campers dubbed me with the trail name of “Coyote Whisperer.”
  5.  ‘Open Mic’ singing is one of my favorite past times, and in Eugene, Oregon, it led me to cutt a record called “Sayward – Pure and Simple” on which I sang many old wonderful songs, with the last cut being “Hallelujah” – music by Leonard Cohen, all new verses by me.
  6. In 1981 I was accepted to spend a year at the University of Hawaii as a National Exchange Student. I wanted to appreciate the distance of Hawaii’s separation from the continental U.S., so I applied for a crewing position on a sailboat. We left Sausalito, California, and arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii 18 days later, after having experienced three days of being ‘becalmed’ right after our departure (no wind), denied radio contact by PAC NET after five days because the captain’s radio license was fake (that was a shocking loss of trust for me), losing our bearings because LAN didn’t work after about 300 miles offshore (so we resorted to a newly mirrored sextant that had not been officially calibrated), having a hole in the bottom of the boat which after three weird attempts to patch was finally successful, and having a hurricane come up on us from behind – thankfully, it dwindled out before it reached us. I literally sank to my knees and kissed the ground and then hugged a palm tree once docked and on solid ground in Hawaii.


Book Overviews

The True Encounters series

In The True Encounters series, Ayre shares numerous paranormal events she has experienced throughout her life which then draw her to delve into examining the nature of consciousness. She compares her experiences with others reported from around the world to conclude that consciousness exists in everything, and may actually be the only ‘real’ thing that exists, according to current quantum physics models.

Book 1 – Tribute to Og: Memories of a Future LifeMate

A futuristic lucid dream that spans a time period of 20 years has the author living a life as a young woman in Washington, D.C., during an age when Alien spacecraft hover above every capitol of every country around the world, assisting governments in cleaning up the planet. One young hybrid aboard the spaceship above the White House disagrees with how humankind is being controlled, and during his dangerous escape he meets the woman who witnesses the event. His extraordinary sensing abilities keep them one step ahead of his pursuers as they travel the globe, until they return home with their two children, now teenagers, to the United States. What happens next startles the dreamer awake, and her life is changed forever.

Book 2 – The Brilliant Beyond: Do Lucid Dreams Prove Eternal Life?

Drawn from journals and memory, the author shares her most lucid, vivid dreams from throughout her life in an effort to understand whether consciousness is both non-local and eternal. The dreams reveal intricate detail of past and future events and possibly even parallel universes, and demonstrate capabilities of traveling through space and time during the state of sleep.

Book 3 – Connected by Consciousness: Everything Communicates

Hearing trees express their need for water, seeing and conversing with a dearly departed friend, having a plasma-like entity assist with a Firewalk, spoon bending with a Uri Geller-type instructor, feeling her beloved deceased dog jump onto the bed in the middle of the night and lie down by her side – these and many more paranormal experiences are shared from the author’s journals and memory, to raise the question of whether everything in the Universe might be conscious, and the nature of Reality be quite different than what we’ve been taught.

Book 4 – Aliens at My Fingertips: Real Meetings with Strange Beings

The author recounts three experiences from her life which have led her to believe she has come in close contact with Aliens. Each event and type of ‘Being’ was significantly different, implying there may be a wide variety of extraterrestrial Aliens actively engaged with people on Earth. After relaying each story, the author discusses current knowledge on the nature of that subject, in an attempt to better understand and explain the unusual encounter. She reaches back to Egyptian art and up to recent U.S. government projects to support the idea that there may be much more happening on Earth than The Powers That Be want us to know.


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