Book 3 of the True Encounters series

Connected by Consciousness
Everything Communicates

True Encounters Book 3: Connected By Consciousness

Building on the premise of The Brilliant Beyond, that consciousness lives eternally as shown through lucid dreams, the author now shares a collection of unusual daytime experiences to ask the ultimate question of whether everything is conscious.

The author’s experiences start early in her life when she learns from a vision at age four about Karma and the Golden Rule, and range throughout the rest of her life, including the stories of bending sturdy silver forks and spoons with body energy, firewalking with the assistance of a plasma-like spirit, exorcising her cousin’s unwanted house ghost, hearing voices counsel her or give her a command, sharing conversation or sensations with the souls of departed loved ones, and hearing trees cry out for rain in a drought-ridden forest.

By observing her own experiences, and by glancing at the studies being conducted around the world into the consciousness of water, plants and soil, and even of particulate matter in quantum mechanics, the author’s journey arrives at a conclusion that is merely a beginning to an expanded perception of reality into unknown dimensions.

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“Sayward Ayre shares fascinating true stories from her own life, indicating the likelihood that we and all forms of life are truly connected in our real nature: consciousness. As a person and as a Psychotherapist I am deeply moved by her experiences, and I am resonating with the truth she is bringing forth.”

   – Barbara Lamb, M.S., MFT, CHT and Regression Therapist

                                                       co-Author of Alien Experiences and Crop Circles Revealed



“A fascinating book that is very enjoyable, autobiographical in nature, with the author’s intriguing life providing a very interesting backdrop in its own right.”

– George H. Elder, Ph.D.

                                                                                                Author of Reflections: A Dream Quest


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