Book 4 of the True Encounters series

Aliens at My Fingertips!

Real Meetings with Strange Beings

Book 4


In Aliens at My Fingertips, Sayward recounts three experiences from her life which have led her to believe she has come into close contact with Aliens. Each event and type of ‘Being’ was significantly different, implying there may be a variety of extraterrestrial Aliens actively engaged with people on Earth. After relaying each story, Sayward discusses current knowledge on the nature of that subject, in an attempt to better understand and explain the unusual encounter. She reaches back in time to Egyptian art and forward again to recent U.S. government projects to support the idea that there may be much more happening on Earth than The Powers That Be want us to know.


“This book is a fascinating, thought provoking, interweaving of Sayward’s personal experiences with unusual beings who seem to be ‘not from here’. She raises informed speculations about Aliens existing and visiting earth, and provides extensive references and links for further research on these subjects.  Sayward is an exceptional woman who offers a challenging, well-researched perspective on the possibility of intelligent life forms throughout the Cosmos.  I was so intrigued that I couldn’t put the book down!”

  – Barbara Lamb, M.S.,

Certified Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist,

conductor of Experiencer Support Groups,

Author of Alien Experiences,  and Crop Circles Revealed.

and frequent lecturer on these topics

“In Aliens At My Fingertips, Sayward Ayre shares fascinating paranormal occurrences that happened out of the blue in totally different situations.  Her travels have exposed her to a plethora of experiences which provide the knowledge she uses to draw her insights into determining whether something unusual is unfolding or about to unfold. Her stories gave me food for thought and left me eager to know what was coming next.”

– Bran Collingwood

Author of Nature of Personality

“For eons people have had unusual, unexplainable glimpses into other realities which they’ve tucked away in their subconscious, not quite sure what to do with them. Here, Sayward shares some fascinating and incredible experiences she has had, which hopefully will spark memories of your unexplainables! Enjoy these gripping stories!”

  – Cyndy Sheldon, MSW,

Author of Gestalt As A Way Of Life: Awareness Practices


“Sayward’s stories are well written and highly informative, which I love because I always learn something new. Her descriptions make me feel like I’m right there experiencing it all with her. These stories of ‘Aliens’ remind me of some strange people I’ve met in my own life and make me wonder if they might also have been Aliens.”

  – Karolyn Hesketh

          an avid fan

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