About Me

Sayward Ayre, Author and SpeakerOn a warm summer afternoon in the wilds of Alaska, my bush-pilot Father delivered me at home to a very trusting Mom. We spent eight more amazing years in the incredible wilderness before our family drove the old green ’56 Chevy Sedan down the Alaska-Canadian Highway to the ‘lower 48′ to live in New Hampshire for a year before returning to the West Coast. Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end…

Already inspired by our world’s wonders as shared through the pages of National Geographic magazine, I decided at eighteen years old to write out a ‘bucket list’ of everything I wanted to accomplish in this lifetime. That list was then divided into three 30-year sections in the hopes that I would live to at least the ripe old age of 90. As the years sped quickly along I attempted to fulfill the goals of each section on that list. One of those goals was to be a writer and it fell into the last 30-year segment. Voila! – those days are here!

My aging grandparents had lost their memory during their older years which inspired me to keep journals throughout my life to assist me with my recollections in my own later years. It is from those journals, other personal writings and my still relatively well-functioning memory that I am now able to recount the stories I share in my books.

From my teens to present, my life has been one of mostly solo adventure, travel and work in various places around the world. My jobs included both land and underwater archaeology, photography, Conservation Commission Chairperson, alternative energy Resource Manager, waitress, bartender, cross-country car deliverer, house-sitter, sales clerk, movie theater candy seller, restaurant manager, trail guide for a horse stables, sommelier for a restaurant, business owner, singer with bands, artist, sign painter, certified massage therapist, Naturopath, and probably a few more. There’s many things I’ve NOT done…people sometimes say “You’ve done everything!“. Not true. I’ve not been a ballerina, musician, politician, mechanic (though I’ve attempted a few times on my old Toyota), Master Chef (though I do enjoy cooking), Commercial Pilot (though I do hold a long-unused Private Pilot’s license), actress, and dozens of other professions.  During the last ten years I was the Director of juice fasting retreats in Palm Springs, California, Oregon, Washington and Mexico. Segueing from that to becoming an author has been an interesting journey, and in this incredible age of internet technology, the learning never stops.

The “True Encounters” series is my first set of books, the “Savvy Solo Senior Adventures” series is the second set, and there will be many books of different genres – both fiction and non-fiction – to follow. One of those will be about the most important ‘person’ in my life – my late dog Brandon, and another book I lovingly call a futuristic-sci-fi-political-comedy-satire about the current state of human’kind’ on our planet. Then there are the children’s stories inspired from personal interactions with Nature and wildlife, and books on my personal philosophies regarding sustainability and population issues. And there are even more subjects beyond those!

I hope you’ll join along with me on my adventures in writing. And if you have thoughts or ideas you’d like to share, feel free to contact me.


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